My Best Cruise Ever!

I took myself on a 7-day cruise for my 67th birthday to the Bahamas.  I have heard people talk about cruises, so I decided to take one myself.  The cruise started at the Cape May port in New York City area and with stops at 3 ports:

  • Orlando, FL
  • Coco Cay, Bahamas
  • Nassau, Bahamas

The port stop in Orlando was aborted because the ship was having engine problems, image that! So, Orlando became a repair stop for the ship and then we headed on to the other 2 ports. 


I have never been outside the United States before, so Nassau became my first non-US soil. I took a bold step and went shopping in the markets near the ship. I was touched by the reality that the people depended so much on tourist for their lively hood.  I had no problem tipping them more than normal.  I wish I could have done more for them.  Being a black American I ponder that the black people on this island share the same ancestors as I do, but fate head it that I was born in the United States.  I can see why so many want to come to the United States.  I did wonder off for a moment from the tourist path and walk the streets with caution because I didn’t know the laws there, but I did not go too far.  I made it back to the ship and then got ready for an excursion that took me on tour of the island by vehicle.   I was not surprised by what I saw but was shocked when I saw a Mcdonalds, Wendy’s and KFC restaurants.  My overall experience to Nassau was good, I did not make it to any of the beaches, but I did see enough. 

Coco Cay

Coco Cay is a private island that is owed, some say leased by Royal Caribbean Cruise line.  It’s not very big but has water slides, swimming pools, beach, I would say a good place to relax.  But as I left the ship and headed to the beach area, I could hear Caribbean music and I saw some young ladies dancing and as I got up close to them, I joined in and danced with them.  It was the highlight of my day.  After that wonderful dance with them I found me a hemlock tide to a tree, and I got in it and took a nap.  Upon awaking I went and got something to eat and explored the rest of the island.  Then I came to the beach and could not help but get in the water.  It was now time to head back to the ship for dinner and head back to the United States.  I would say if it was not for my dancing with the Island ladies Coco Cay would not have been as exciting. 

Cruise Ship Tour Video

 The Ship - Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas

There were 18 decks with a running track on top which went around the entire ship, and you see the sun, the sky, the ocean all around you, what a sight!  The ship can hold 4180 passengers, that is more than some towns around the world.  Imagine a floating city.

The interior of the ship was beautiful with lots of artwork, and beautiful elevators, gift shops, theatres and more.


My Cabin:


Virtual Balcony Stateroom
I choose a virtual balcony which with cutting-edge technology delivers a view in my cabin with real-time floor-to-ceiling displays. I can see the ocean, the outside weather without having to go outside.




The ships offer a variety of things to do, my favorites:

  • the outdoor track on the top deck where you could see the ocean all around you, the never-ending sky and lots of sun. That just wanted I wanted to experience. 
  • The free fitness classes which I took every day.
  • The silent disco party: it was the bomb!
  • Spectra’s Cabaret: A Broadway show that was spectacular and proved to be more than I imagined I would see at sea.

 Favorite Section on the Ship


One of my favorite sessions to hang out was the adult only section.  It was kids free! No crying babies or kids running around.  It featured its own swimming pool, whirlpools and sauna.  There was both an inside and outside section plus no smoking!


The Dining Experience


I really did not know what to experience but here is my rundown, the main dining room was elegant and very on point professionally offering you fresh hot meals made to order with a different selection each day. Along with a delicious dessert.  The Windjammer was my second choice.  It is a buffet style set up.  There were plenty of selections to choose from.  I ate there mainly for breakfast and lunch.  The Sorrento’s Pizza was my evening snack of choice.  The pizza was good.   I did not check out any of the specialty restaurants because they did not appeal to me and I did not feel like spending the money.


Overall, I had a nice time on this cruise and met many people from all over the world.  It was truly a universal experience.


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